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The Art of the Blue Dog

Most everyone has heard of the blue dog, right? Maybe what comers to mind is blue dog George Rodrigue, first blue dog painting, blue dog book, a hurricane of a blue dog, or blue dog prints. But have you ever asked the question why is the dog blue?

The dog actually was a rendition of his own dog that died. The ghostly pail blue image is what he painted depicting the legend of loup-garou, basically a folkloric or mythological human with the ability to shape-shift into a werewolf.

The old dog was finally made famous in 1992 by the Absolut Vodka company.  The company used the images in ad campaigns. Trade marks of the dog are of course it's blue color and yellow eyes.

In 2009, before his death in 2013 George created the George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts (GRFA), a non-profit organization which advocates the importance of the visual arts in children's development.

Artwork in CeramicsThere are many blue dog artworks out there but there are not many are made of ceramic. This one in particular is not really an exact copy of the real blue dog. It's instead the artist own interpretation. Hence there are no yellow eyes or white nose. But still a beautiful all original blue dog.