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Original Art for Sale

Original Art for Sale by the artist is the best way to buy art. One of the new places we've found is Art For Sale Original. Jackson is an early internet artist and can be trusted to ship.  He sells screen prints and oil paintings of impressionism and abstract art. An example of his art? Okay here is a landscape: A German scene with haystacks:

Very nice indeed. Here is an abstract art piece by Jackson that we like:
Another site that has popped up lately in art sales is Emery's Fine Art. They have a good selection of over 4000 pieces which includes some fine art originals.

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Hey Artvilla has a new store also. They have been around since 1998 on the internet.

Art on the Internet can be daunting when trying to search for art to buy. It pays to shop around and it pays to know who you're buying from and know their terms. If the artist the shipping you also have to trust the artist as well as the site that you're buying from but most of the sites know the artist and respect the customer first. In fact the customer is first on the Internet always. That's true it eBay, Amazon, Saatchi and most of the art world. People want your business and respect their good name just like they do in the brick-and-mortar world.